About us

KIQ INTERNATIONAL GHANA LIMITED (KIGL) is an organization that has two subsidiaries; KIQ Medical Consult and KIQ Sports. KIQ Medical Consult (KMC) that constitutes a team of medical professionals including medical officers, biomedical scientist, nurses, optometrists and health care assistants. The team of KMC is made up of intelligent, innovative, dedicated and enterprising medical professionals who are highly motivated. KIQ Sports is another subsidiary whose primary focus is sports development amongst the youth especially in the area of lawn tennis and football.

KIQ INTERNATIONAL GHANA LIMITED aims at bringing healthcare to the doorstep of people .The team also believe a sound body and mind can only be attained through health information and regular medical checkups involving basic medical examination and very affordable laboratory investigations.

Some KIGL Services are free, especially for churches, Schools and the less privileged in society. Funding is thus sourced from co-operate institutions, benevolent groups and individuals to help undertake these activities. KIGL believes that every life counts and must be kept strong and healthy by taking care of it.